Foreclosure Information

Weekly foreclosure sales are held in the Delta County Treasurer’s Office, if there are any properties to be sold.  The sale begins promptly at 10 am on Wednesday morning.  Any party wishing to bid on property must appear in person and register prior to the start of the sale.  Each property is presented separately, in no particular order.  During the offering of property, the starting bid is stated, which is supplied by the foreclosing attorney.  All bids following the starting bid must increase by a minimum of $100.  The successful bidder will be identified at the close of the bidding.  Funds are required in the form of cash, certified check, or proof of a transmitted wire transfer by 2 pm that day.

In the database below, you will have the option to view the most recent reports.   Select “Foreclosure Reports” and you will have the choice of 1) Active Foreclosure Listing, and  2) Pre-sale Report.  Both of these reports are updated weekly. 

If you have questions, please call the Treasurer's Office at 970-874-2135.