Weed Program

Delta County Noxious Weed Program

The management of weed species is essential for preserving functioning native ecosystems, protecting agricultural economics, and fostering recreational and scenic values in Colorado, and specifically Delta County. The Weed Program’s goal is to provide noxious weed management utilizing the following practices:

  • Assist landowners with noxious weed problems through plant identification, weed management recommendations, and development of vegetation management plans.
  • Promote noxious weed education and awareness by way of community presentations, site visits, literature distribution, newspaper articles and maintenance of on-line information sources on the county Website.
  • Manage noxious weeds on county property and roadside rights-of-way.
  • Coordinate efforts with landowners, land management agencies and neighboring counties.
  • Identify and contain, reduce or eradicate current weed infestations and reduce or eliminate weed seed production in certain species.
  • Monitor for new infestations and new invasive species so as to prevent new encroachments on unincorporated lands in the County.

The Delta County Noxious Weed Program is administered by the Delta County Board of County Commissioners.  Funding sources include the Delta County General Fund, cooperative funding with public agencies, grants, and revenue producing contracts. Funding partners include North Fork Habitat Partnership, U.S. Forest Service, BLM, and the Uncompahgre Project. Over $150,000 has been received in grants since 2005. 


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