Volunteer Boards and Commissions

Why Serve?

Serving on a county board or commission is a valuable opportunity offering personal growth and community impact. It allows active involvement in shaping local policies, directly influencing residents' lives by addressing critical issues like education, infrastructure, and public health. 

Additionally, participation offers insights into governance complexities, aiding in understanding how local government operates. Engaging in these roles fosters collaboration with diverse backgrounds, promoting unity and purpose. It provides a platform to address challenges, work on inclusive solutions, expand professional networks, and develop leadership skills while making a lasting, positive difference for the community. 

In essence, serving on such boards or commissions isn't just about contributing; it's a chance for personal and professional development while leaving a significant legacy of service.

What are the Requirements?

If you're interested in volunteering for a board or commission to support your community, please take a moment to review the Board of County Commissioners Advisory Board Policy (PDF) and the General Requirements for Advisory Board Service (PDF) before submitting an application. The primary requirements include:

  • Being at least 18 years old (unless applying for a youth-designated position)
  • Maintaining residency in Delta County.
  • Adhering to a 75% attendance requirement for all board members to retain membership.
  • Being willing and able to comply with ethical obligations associated with board service.
  • Some positions require specific residence locations.  See the District Map (PDF) if you need to determine in which District you live.

How to Apply

When you submit a volunteer service application, it's important to note that under Colorado Public Records Law, the document becomes a public record.

What Happens Next?

Once you submit your application, the Commissioners' Office will confirm receipt and conduct a screening process. If you're appointed, the Commissioner's Office will notify you accordingly.

Volunteer Board Descriptions, Rosters, and Vacancies

The County Commissioners have authorized the creation of the following volunteer boards and commissions, and appointments are made to various boards throughout the calendar year.

  1. Blake Field Airport Advisory Board
  2. Board of Adjustments
  3. Board of Health
  4. Cemetery Advisory Boards
  5. Community Services Block Grant Advisory Board
  6. Fair Board
  7. Historic Landmarks Board
  8. Library District Board
  9. Planning Commission
  10. Tourism Cabinet
  11. Youth Shooting Sports Advisory Board

Term:  Three (3) years

Initial appointments shall be staggered terms so that an equal percentage of members shall serve for one year, two years, and three years. Subsequent terms shall consist of a three-year appointment, and members may serve consecutive terms.

Blake Field Airport Advisory Board Members

NameTitleTerm Appointment DateTerm Expiration Date
Ginnette WatermanSecretary, non-member3/7/2023N/A
Merle "Ric" LynchOne-year airport user
Alan CollinsTwo-year pilot
Ted WaltmanThree-year hangar owner
Tim McCrackenEx Officio member