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Posted on: November 13, 2023

New Marquee Sign Enhances Delta County Fairgrounds' Visibility

The Delta County Fairgrounds is excited to announce the installation of a brand-new marquee sign, a significant enhancement that will serve as a valuable tool for promoting the public events hosted at the fairgrounds each year. This dynamic marquee will not only spotlight a diverse array of events, including rodeos, rallies, craft fairs, and various community gatherings but also play a crucial role in ensuring public safety by delivering timely emergency alerts to the local community.

"The new marquee sign represents a considerable step forward in enhancing the fairgrounds' visibility and community engagement,” said Ryan Bates, Delta County Fairgrounds Coordinator. “By prominently featuring upcoming events, it will help residents and visitors stay informed about the exciting activities and opportunities the Delta County Fairgrounds has to offer. Whether it's a family-friendly festival, an adrenaline-pumping rodeo, or a vibrant craft fair, the marquee sign will be a beacon of information and entertainment for the community.”

It's important to note that the marquee sign is designated for promoting public events that are hosted on the Fairgrounds property with the intent to attract residents and guests.  Personal messages, such as announcements of births, birthdays, weddings, or memorials, will not be displayed on the sign to maintain its focus on Fairground public events. The marquee sign will not be used to promote political messages.

For further information about the Delta County Fairgrounds and its upcoming events, visit our Fairgrounds page or email Sara Millholand for Delta County Fairground event reservations.

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