What is Delta County Alerts and why should I register?

Delta County Alerts is the official reverse emergency notification system for Delta County and parts of Gunnison (Somerset, McClure Pass, County Road-12 and County Road-265) and Montrose County (Maher/Crystal Creek) that Delta County Dispatch services.  Delta County Dispatch and emergency management will use the Delta County Alerts system to send official, real-time focused alerts to members of the public about potential life safety issues happening in your neighborhood and what steps residents may need to stay safe.

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1. What is Delta County Alerts and why should I register?
2. I already signed up for CodeRED - Do I have to sign up again?
3. How will I know if a call, text or email is from Delta County Alerts?
4. What are the benefits of registering for Delta County Alerts?
5. Who can register for Delta County Alerts?
6. I know someone who needs assistance registering. How can they get assistance?
7. Do I need to provide an address or location when I register?
8. Will my contact information be shared with others?
9. What would cause me to NOT receive a Delta County Alert?
10. I am moving or want to remove my information from the system. How do I unsubscribe?