Payment – When? Where? How?

You have a choice of paying your property taxes in full or in two equal payments. If you choose to pay in full, that payment is due by April 30th. If you choose to pay in equal installments, the first payment is due by the last day of February, and the second payment is due by June 15th. You may pay in person at the Treasurer’s Office located at 501 Palmer Street, Suite 202, in Delta or at the County Annex Building, 196 W. Hotchkiss Avenue, Hotchkiss, or you may mail your payment to the Delta County Treasurer, PO Box 580, Grand Junction, CO  81502-0580. United States Postal Service postmark is accepted for payment deadlines. We accept cash, checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, or certified funds. Be aware, however, that correct change may not always be available at the County Annex Building. Credit card or e-check payment may be made through GovPros.

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1. How are taxes determined?
2. Payment – When? Where? How?
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