Road and Bridge

Mission Statement

Maintain a safe, quality road system. Upgrade the road system to serve the public needs.

County truck laying asphalt on gravel road

District #1 (Delta area)

>Foreman: Mark McMillan
Shop: 18830 G Rd., Delta
Ph: 970-874-2133
Fax: 970-874-0246

District #2 (Surface Creek area)

Foreman: Dan Sickles
Shop: 2544 S. Grand Mesa Dr., Cedaredge
Ph: 970-856-6800
Fax: 970-856-6000

District #3 (North Fork area)

Foreman: John Allen
Shop: 35677 Back River Rd., Hotchkiss
Ph: 970-872-3254
Fax: 970-872-3254


Road and Bridge #4: 970-787-5946

Gravel Pit Locations:

Antelope Pit:
22444 Hulteen Rd., Eckert

Cook Pit:
12101 25 Mesa Rd., Delta

Ellison Pit:
18830 G Rd., Delta

Lemoine Pit:
35695 Highway 133, Hotchkiss    

Mott Pit:
3500 Clear Fork Rd., Crawford

North Road Pit:
24029 North Rd., Eckert

Pig Mesa Pit:
8822 Pig Mesa Rd., Delta

Triantos Pit:
5440 Sundown Rd., Delta

Whiting Pit:
19665 G Rd., Delta