Vehicle Title/Registration

Full service Motor Vehicle Offices are located in both the Delta County Courthouse (970-874-2150) in Delta and the Delta County Annex building (970-872-1207) in Hotchkiss.  Titles, registration and license plates are issued at both locations.  Please remember to bring proof of Colorado insurance when completing a motor vehicles transaction.

The Motor Vehicle and Recording/Vitals Departments are now accepting debit/credit card payments.  The credit cards accepted are VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.  There is an administration fee of 2.7% for each transaction.  We will not accept credit card payments over the phone.  Motor vehicle registration renewals can also be done online.  Learn more about renewing online.

The Delta County Clerk’s Office does not issue driver’s licenses.  The Colorado Driver License office is located in Suite 210 at the Delta Courthouse (970-874-9795).  See the local Driver's License web page for more information.

Registration Requirements

If registering a vehicle from another state you will need:

  • Title from previous state or current registration, if financed
  • Verifiable personal identification (U.S. issued)
  • Verification of VIN
  • Proof of Colorado insurance
  • Fees (will vary from vehicle to vehicle)

A current valid registration and proof of insurance must be carried in all vehicles in use on Colorado roadways and must be available for presentation at the request of any law enforcement officer. 

Verification of VIN

A VIN inspection is mandatory in the State of Colorado on motor vehicles requiring:

  • A title correction
  • Vehicles with out-of-state title or registration
  • Purged Colorado Titles
  • Special Circumstances

In Delta County VIN inspections can be obtained from any law enforcement agency or any licensed automobile dealer (small fee may be required).  The County Clerk’s Office does not do VIN Inspections.

A Certified VIN Inspection is required for:

  • Out of Country vehicles and Canadian vehicles
  • Bonded Titles
  • Salvage Titles
  • Special Circumstances
  •  Certified VIN Inspections can be obtained from any State Patrol Officer and some local Police Agencies. 


The State of Colorado requires Colorado insurance on all motor vehicles that are operated on public roadways.  Proof of Colorado insurance must be available upon request by a Colorado law enforcement officer.  Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute 42-4-1409 (4) (a), any person found in violation of this requirement “commits a Class I Misdemeanor traffic offense.”  You will need to provide proof of Colorado insurance to register and renew the registration of your vehicle in Colorado.  If State records show you have no Colorado insurance, a reminder will be printed on your renewal card. 


Renewal cards are mailed in the month prior to expiration of your plates.  Mail the card back to the Clerk’s Office with a check or money order made out to the ‘Delta County Clerk’. In Colorado there is a 30-day grace period on your renewal.  Therefore, if your plates expire in October you will have until the end of November to renew them without additional fees; but you will have to have your payment in our office by the last working day of your grace period.  Your renewal card will state whether you need to provide proof of Colorado insurance.  The renewal cards are sent as a courtesy only.  You are ultimately responsible for renewing your plates on time.

Late Registration Penalty

A late registration penalty of $25 for each month or portion of a month that a vehicle is not registered after the 30-day grace period, not to exceed $100, will be charged.

Transferring Title

Due to the volume of customers, we are unable to transfer more than three vehicle titles without an appointment.  Please call 970-874-2150 to make an appointment.

Farm Plates

To qualify for Farm plates on your truck you will need to provide a copy of your current IRS form DR2159.  We will keep the copy on file for multiple vehicle registrations.  A new form will be required each year, as you do your income tax, to renew your plates.  

Handicap Placard

Handicap Parking Placards are issued by the Clerk’s Office.  A parking privileges application form (DR 2219) may be downloaded from the State of Colorado website or obtained in our office.  Have the form filled out by your doctor and bring it into our office.  There is currently no charge for placards, which are valid for three years.


Commonly used forms and additional information on titles and registration, as well as available license plates, can also be found on the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles website.