Criminal Justice Services

Values, Mission & Vision

Every interaction with the criminal justice system offers an opportunity to contribute to the reduction of harm and improve outcomes achieved through collaboration at individual, agency, and system levels. The professional judgment of criminal justice decision-makers is enhanced when informed by evidence-based knowledge. The criminal justice system will continually learn, improve effectiveness and efficiency when professionals make decisions based on collecting, analyzing, and using data and information. To advance the administration of justice requires ongoing research, evaluation, technical and adaptive leadership, and innovative uses of criminal justice resources.

We seek to ensure a criminal justice system that is fair and just to all. A system that supports a safe and healthy community for the well-being of Delta County.  A system offering accessible opportunities for individuals to change the direction of their lives. We seek a system that is making evidence-based, data-driven choices to ensure the public’s resources are used responsibly, and effectively.


From our staff, we expect a passion for service, a demonstrated investment and responsibility in their work.


We will be bold, stand by our convictions and be enduring in our search for excellence.


We will display professional ethics, moral courage, and strength to fulfill the trust of our community and justice system colleagues.


We embrace actions and behavior that honor and respect the contributions and diversity of our staff and our community.

Criminal Justice Services Programs