Thinking of having a booth at Applefest, Pickin' in the Park, or Deltarado Days?  If you want to serve food at a festival, fair, or fund-raising event this information is for youFood Service Process.

To provide food at a "special" or "temporary" event in Delta County, all vendors must hold either a Mobile Unit retail food license OR obtain a Temporary Event Food Service license (i.e. tent/table setup). Delta County WILL recognize Temporary Event Food Service Licensees and Mobile Unit Licensees from other counties. This is a ONE-TIME permit for events in 2022.  Restaurants, grocery deli's, etc...will still need to apply for a Temporary permit as they have not already been licensed for "off-premises" or "mobile" operations. If your organization is a non-profit, please contact us to obtain a non-profit retail food license. 

Temporary Event Food Service  Application

Safety and Sanitation Inspection Checklist

Tax-exempt and charitable organizations are exempt from licensing if they serve food on less than 52 consecutive days in any given year within the county in which the organization is located.

If you are planning to participate in events in other counties, please contact the respective county's health department food safety program. Note: Garfield County recognizes Temporary Event Food Service licensees of Delta.