Food-Related Complaints

Reporting a Concern

  • Contact the food service establishment and advise them of your concerns.
  • Call the Environmental Health Division at 970-874-2165 to report your concerns. The complaints can be made anonymously, and inspectors will promptly inquire and inspect the subject business. As much information as you know regarding your concerns must be made available to the Division so a complete investigation may be made. Please leave your name and number with the Division for follow-up; or
  • Fill out and submit the online Restaurant Complaint Form.

Illness After Eating Out

If you are severely ill or if your symptoms persist, you should contact your physician.  In most cases, medical tests must be conducted to confirm the specific cause of the food-borne illness.  Contact the food service establishment and advise them of your concerns.

Most restaurants will have a Disclosure or Food Advisory of some sort on their menu. It will usually look like:
"*These items are cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, meat and seafood may increase your likelihood of foodborne illness."

There should be an asterisk (*) or some indicator of the menu items that could be served raw or undercooked (burgers, eggs), or which have the potential for foodborne illness or allergy risk (fish, dairy, etc.). 

Contact the Delta County Health Department at 970-874-2165 to file a complaint, or fill out the Restaurant Complaint Form and return it to the Environmental Health Division, 255 West 6th Street, Delta, Colorado 81416.  The staff will request information detailing with what foods were eaten, when they were eaten, when the symptoms started, if others are ill with similar symptoms, and a 72-hour meal history.