Data Share Policy

Policy for Delta County’s Spatial Parcel Data

It shall be the policy of Delta County Geographic Information System (GIS) Department not to sell or freely give more than 25 parcels of spatial /geo‐referenced data to any individual, group, or company for commercial or other purposes without a written request on company letterhead defining the nature of the use. More than 25 parcel requests are charged the costs incurred to complete the request; an entire county data set costs $600.00. Resell of data is prohibited.  Please review disclaimer attached to Delta County’s parcel data.

Spatial data may be given to Government (federal, state, local), community non‐profit agencies,  or to companies doing contractual work directly for Delta County. Licensed land surveying companies, licensed civil engineering companies, or land development companies requiring site specific data may obtain spatial data for a 25 or less parcel area. Exceptions are also made for college students doing research projects that are approved by Delta County.  

Non-spatial data is available for purchase through the Delta County Assessor’s Office.  The viewing and printing of spatial data is available on the Delta County website, via the interactive web maps.

Data Disclaimer

This GIS map data is not a legal document or a survey instrument; Delta County assumes no responsibility for any use of the map data or any loss from using the map data. The data is provided on an "as is" basis with no guarantee to be spatially accurate, complete, or current. Due to the dynamic nature of data, some inconsistencies will exist. The data is provided with the understanding that the conclusions drawn from such information are solely the responsibilities of the user. This data is not a legal representation of the features depicted, and any assumption of the legal status of this data is hereby disclaimed. If any inconsistencies are found, please contact Delta County GIS Department at 970‐874‐2119.