Civil Process

Colorado State Law mandates that all sheriffs’ offices within the state must maintain a civil section. The civil section is responsible for the service of all civil papers received by the Sheriff's Office. The civil section satisfies statutory responsibilities. Service of civil papers is done according to Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure.

The Delta County Sheriff's Office administrative section is responsible for civil process, records management, budget and the general day-to-day operations of the Sheriff's Office. Our administration section is active in collaborating with different agencies and groups within our community and state in order to provide proactive law enforcement.

Process of Service (Serving Someone with Civil Papers)

The party or business to be served must be in Delta County.  Also, we cannot serve employees of the hospital or underground coal mine employees).

After you have received your paperwork from the Courts, you will need to do the following:

Complete the Request for Service form by downloading the form or obtaining the form at the Sheriff’s Office. Attorneys and businesses can submit a letter with service instructions on your company letterhead instead of completing this form. We will not accept requests for service without a physical address. Post Office box numbers are not acceptable.

A date of birth or approximate age is also required for both the person requesting the service and for the person to be served.

Submit the Request for Service form, along with the paperwork to be served, to the Sheriff’s Office and pay the appropriate fee (page 2 of the Request for Service Form). Recurring attorneys, businesses and other government agencies in Colorado will be billed.

Our service fee does not include mileage. Mileage is calculated on a round trip daily attempt to serve basis and based on a zip code based structure (see Civil Fee Schedule for fees). For all new customers, one round trip mileage fee plus the service fee will be collected prior to service. You will be billed for any additional service attempts.

Contacting the Sheriff's Office

MAIL paperwork and fee to:
ATTN: Civil Division
PO Box 172
Delta, CO 81416

DROP OFF paperwork and fee at the Sheriff’s Office, 555 Palmer Street, in Delta. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We do not accept requests for service on weekends.

E-MAIL paperwork to be served (along with service form or letter of instructions). (Please note: e-mailed requests will only be accepted from attorneys and businesses or other government agencies that are currently on our billing account list.)

970-874-2011 Civil Office
970-874-2000 Sheriff's Office

Please note that it is not standard policy to notarize returns of service. If a notarized return of service is required, you need to request this in your instructions for service and include the notary fee with your payment. We also ask that you include a return of service page with your paperwork for service.

Return of Service

Once the party has been successfully served, we will complete the Return of Service and mail the completed Return of Service, along with our invoice for service, to all attorneys and businesses. If the paperwork is originally filed in the Delta Courts, as a courtesy to individuals, we will forward the completed Return of Service to the Delta Courts for filing and mail the statement to you.

If we cannot locate the party after three attempts to serve, we will complete a Non-found Return of Service and that will be forwarded to the courts or returned to you with the rest of the service packet.

If you filed in a different county, the completed Return of Service or Non-found Return will be returned to the customer and you will be responsible for filing the return of service with the appropriate court.

You can call the Civil Office during normal business hours to check status of your service request. If you have further questions, please contact the Civil Office at 970-874-2011.

Request for Service of Process

Step 1


Download the Request form.

Step 2

Fill Out

Fill out, print, and sign the form.

Step 3


1. Submit form in person, or 
2. Upload the completed form and pay online, using the fee schedule and mileage chart for the appropriate fee.