Open Burning

The State of Colorado and Delta County have restrictions on burning unwanted waste materials.  All persons conducting open burning, other than agricultural burning, are required to obtain an open burning permit from the Air Pollution Control Division, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  Information regarding State open burning permits may be found at the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division website.  For more information, call the Delta County Health Department at 970-874-2165. 

If you are planning to conduct any open burning, you must first contact the Delta County Burn Line (970-399-2955) on the day you plan to conduct the burn.  (See our Burning Restrictions web page for more information.)

The burning of household trash and other dense smoke-producing materials is prohibited in Delta County.  The Delta County Environmental Health Division enforces the Open Burning Regulations.

Reporting violations

Call the 24-hour indoor burning hotline at 303-692-3280.  If the State has jurisdiction, they'll contact the suspected violator.  If a local municipality has jurisdiction, they'll pass along the information you report to the Health Department, and we will follow up on the complaint.