Burning Restrictions

Red Flag Ordinance

On April 16, 2007, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance No. 2007-02 authorizing the identification of “red flag” fire days; requiring notification to Delta County Communications (Dispatch) before initiating a ditch, field, or agricultural burn; and establishing penalties for initiating a ditch, field, or other agricultural burn on a “red flag” day.

“Red flag” days are days when the danger of forest or grass fires is found to be high as determined by the National Weather Service. No fire is to be initiated if the day has been identified as a “Red Flag” day. The ordinance establishes penalties and fines for violation of either (1) failure to notify Dispatch of the intent to burn and/or (2) initiation of a fire on a “red flag” day.

This ordinance was adopted as an emergency ordinance and became effective upon its adoption on April 16, 2007.

Anyone planning to initiate a ditch, field, or agricultural burn within unincorporated Delta County must:

    Call the Delta County Burn line at  970-399-2955 BEFORE you burn.
    • The Burn Line recording will tell you if it is ok to burn or not due to Red Flag Days, Restrictions, etc
    • If it is ok to burn, leave your name, telephone number and address of where you will be burning.
  • Never burn on a National Weather Service declared “Red Flag” fire day.
  • Make sure you have water and the necessary equipment to extinguish any fire you initiate. If your fire escapes your property and burns neighboring property and/or causes damages to neighboring property, you can face Arson or other related charges. 
  •  If you feel you cannot safely manage a ditch or field fire, call 911 and request the fire department! 

Download the complete “Red Flag” Fire Days Ordinance (PDF file).

Delta County and the State of Colorado have additional restrictions on opening burning. Visit our Opening Burning page for more information.