Secure Transportation Services

Delta County, pursuant to Colorado House Bill 21-1050 and Colorado Regulations 6 CCR 1011-4 (Standards for Secure Transportation Services) is authorized and required per state statute to issue regulations regarding the licensing, permitting, inspection and operation of Secure Transportation Services within Delta County.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) established state regulations in 6 CCR 1011-4 that were adopted by the Colorado State Board of Health on June 15, 2022 and became effective August 14, 2022. 

Per regulation and Statute, all counties in Colorado are required to have regulations in place by January 1, 2023 regarding Secure Transportation Services in their county. Pursuant to State Statute, State Regulations and County Regulations, no secure transportation service, public or private shall transport a person experiencing a behavioral health crisis from any point within Colorado to another point within or outside Colorado unless such service holds a valid license and permits. 

Delta County Regulations Regarding Secure Transportation Services

The Delta County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) voted to adopt and implement Standards for Licensing and Permitting of Secure Transportation Services in Delta County on December 9, 2022.  The regulations became effective upon signing of the regulations. On December 19, 2023, the BoCC voted to adopt updated Standards which addressed clarifying language around the licensing authority for issuance of licenses/permits and reciprocity agreements and penalties for failure to get a license.  The BoCC has appointed and delegated the Office of Emergency Management to oversee Secure Transportation Licensing, permitting and inspections as defined within the regulations.  

Organizations interested in obtaining a Secure Transportation Service license in Delta County should download and review the below documents. Questions can be emailed to Emergency Management or by calling 970-874-2004.

Secure Transport Service License/Vehicle Permit Application

Agencies seeking to become licensed as a Secure Transportation Service Provider who will pick up a behavioral health patient from any location within Delta County and are not actively licensed in another County in Colorado, must apply for a license and vehicle permits pursuant to the County and State Regulations.  To request an application, please email Emergency Management or call 970-874-2004.

Actively Licensed Agencies in Delta County

  • Delta County Ambulance District 
    • Class B License, expires December 2025
    • Permits: One licensed Type I (partitioned) SUV expire: December 2024
    • Six Ground Ambulances: no additional permit required 

Services Licensed under Reciprocity

  • Citadel Security, expires 12/31/2023
    • Class A License Issued by Mesa County 
    • Permits: Five (5) Type II (non-partitioned) SUVs 
  • Guardian Transport & Security, LLC , expires 5/9/2024
    • Class A Licensed issued by Mesa County 
    • Permits: One Type 1 partitioned Sedan and One Type 2 Non-Partitioned Van
  • Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center  - Doing Business As: Axis Health System 
    • Class B Licensed through Montrose County - 2023 - Expires in 2026
    • Permits:  Four (4) Type II Non-partitioned SUVs 

Reciprocity Agreements

If a Secure Transportation Service is actively licensed in any County in Colorado and wishes to conduct transports into or out of Delta County, they must contact Delta County Emergency Management by calling 970-874-2004 and discussing the reciprocity request. No automatic reciprocity is granted and a simple request form must be completed.  The request form documents agency contact information, documentation of valid license and permit(s) and proof of insurance.  

Complaints and Investigations

Delta County has adopted standards and a process for handling Complaints regarding Secure Transportation Service Providers and their employees.  

Submitting a Complaint

Complaints against a Secure Transport Service licensed in Delta County or allegations of an unlicensed service or operation of vehicles without a valid permit within Delta County, may be made by any person or agency or may be initiated by Delta County Emergency Management, the Sheriff's Office or the Delta County Board of County Commissioners on their own volition. 

Complaints shall be made to Delta County Emergency Management and may be made in person, verbally or in writing.  Whenever possible, the preference is for complaints to be made in writing.  Please utilize the below complaint form when filing a complaint.  If you wish to file your complaint in person or verbally, please contact Emergency Management at the contact information below. 

Delta County Sheriff's Office Emergency Management
555 Palmer Street, PO Box 172
Delta, CO 81416
Direct phone: 970-874-2004

Email Emergency Management