Code Compliance

Street signCitizens may submit complaints concerning the violation of the County Land Use Code and/or ordinances, Access and Utility Installation Code/Regulations, Pre-HUD Mobile Home Ordinance, and Rubbish/Junk Ordinance.

View or download the Code Violation Complaint Form.  (Please note that anonymous complaints will not be accepted.)


Rubbish/junk enforcement in Delta County is complaint driven.  Any citizen within Delta County can fill out a Land Use Violation Complaint Form and submit to the Planning Department for review.  If a property is found to be in violation of the Ordinance, the property owner will be notified to clean up the property.  Download a Code Violation Complaint Form.  View the amended Rubbish/Junk Ordinance.

Manufactured Home Requirements

Requirements for manufactured homes can be found on the Manufactured Home Requirements page

Pre-HUD Mobile Homes

The Pre-HUD Mobile Home Ordinance (Ordinance 2006-10) restricts the moving of pre-HUD mobile homes (built before June 15, 1976) in Delta County.  Upon the sale or transfer of title of any pre-HUD mobile home within the County, the mobile home may not thereafter be relocated to another location in Delta County unless the mobile home is permitted by the Delta County Planning Department following certification by a County-approved inspector that the mobile home meets the standards set forth in Exhibit A of the Ordinance. Download the Pre-HUD Mobile Home Inspection Application.

A Pre-HUD Disposal Certificate must be obtained upon the relocation of any pre-HUD mobile home from any parcel of land in the unincorporated areas of Delta County to any landfill in the County.

Complaint Process

Code Compliance works to ensure all properties within unincorporated Delta County comply with the Delta County Land Use Code. Code Compliance works to improve the safety and aesthetic appearance of Delta County through a two-pronged approach of: 1) working with the property owner to achieve voluntary compliance; and 2) pursuing legal action for uncorrected violations.

Types of violations that WILL be investigated include:

  • Land Use Codes/Standards (e.g., setbacks)
  • Rubbish (junk)
  • Pre-HUD mobile homes
  • Unpermitted activity in the County Right-of-Way

Types of violations that WILL NOT be investigated include:

  • Inoperable/unlicensed vehicles in a Right-of-Way:  Please contact the Sheriff's Office in unincorporated areas of Delta County or the appropriate jurisdiction's police department if within town or city limits.