Birth Certificates

Certified copies of birth certificates are $20.00 for the first copy and $13.00 for each additional copy of the same record purchased at the same time.

Birth certificates can be obtained for any birth in the State of Colorado at the Delta County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, beginning with the early 1900’s. Delta County birth records date back to 1897.

Applying for a  Birth Certificate

Step 1

Download Application

Download the application.

Step 2

Fill Out Application

Fill out, print, and sign the application.

Step 3

Submit Documents

1. Submit application in person with appropriate proof of relationship, or 

*If your ID and application form are two separate files, please select both before uploading. For PC: Select one file, then hold down the Ctrl button and select the second file.  For Mac: Select one file, then hold down the Command button and select the second file.  If you receive an error or your information does not upload, please do not try multiple times.  After the first error please contact GovPros for customer support.

The Clerk’s Office will review the application for completeness and check to be sure a copy of your valid ID has been included. If your submission is incomplete, the payment will not be accepted. The Clerk’s Office will call or email you with further guidance if needed.