Animal Control

Mission Statement

To provide Delta County a method to control nuisance, vicious, or dogs at large that are disturbing the peace, endangering people or other animals, or are themselves endangered; to provide assistance to the livestock and ranching community within the county of Delta; and to ensure that dog owners are accountable for getting rabies vaccinations for their dogs, and to provide a method for residents to license their dogs.

It is the intent of the Delta County Board of Commissioners and the Delta County Sheriff’s Office for dog owners to be responsible for their dogs’ conduct, to exercise control of their dogs in a manner which recognizes the right to health and safety of others in the community, and to be held strictly liable for the conduct of their dogs when any of the provisions of the County animal control resolution are violated. Therefore, On May 2, 2005, the Delta County Board of Commissioners signed Resolution No. 2005-R-019 providing animal control for the unincorporated portions of Delta County.

The following acts are prohibited:

  • Dogs at large
  • Disturbing of the peace and quiet
  • Chronic public nuisance
  • Vicious dogs
  • Improper care or mistreatment of an animal
  • Failure to vaccinate against rabies

What Does This Mean to Me?

If you live in the unincorporated areas of Delta County and you are having problems with a vicious dog, dogs at large, or chronic nuisance dogs, you may call the Sheriff’s Office at 874-2015 and request a Deputy to respond and enforce the County Resolution.

If you are the owner of the above-mentioned types of dogs, you can expect a visit from a Deputy who will enforce the Resolution. In many cases, the officer will provide information and possibly a warning to the first time offender. Records will be kept at the Sheriff’s office that will be easily accessed and if it is found that multiple calls on the same animal have been made, summons into court may be issued.

Licensing of Dogs

Residents of Delta County may voluntarily come to the Sheriff’s Office to obtain a license for their dogs. License Fees are $10.00 for a neutered dog and $25.00 for a non-neutered dog. Obtaining a license will be very helpful if your dog is lost and you wish to have it returned. If you are convicted in court for violation of one or more of the provisions of the resolution, it will be mandatory that you license your dog.

Fine and Fee Schedule

These are animal control penalty assessment fines and fees. The basic concept is to penalize pet owners who fail to responsibly care for their pets and “reward” the responsible pet owners who are conscientious enough to have their pets sterilized. These fees and fines may also help clear the courts, in some cases, and may prevent repeat offenders. (For first time offenders, license fee will be included in the fine.)

 License Fee (voluntary unless cited)
Altered Animal 
 Unaltered Animal (over 6 mos. old)
 Dog at Large, Failure to License, Failure to Vaccinate, or Disturbance of Peace
Altered Animal
1st Offense
2nd Offense
3rd Offense

Unaltered Animal
1st Offense
2nd Offense
3rd Offense


 Public/Chronic Nuisance
 Failure to Sterilize After Adoption
1st Offense
2nd Offense
3rd Offense
 Vicious Dogs
 Improper Care/Treatment
1st Offense$100.00

  Vicious Dog (bodily injury or prior history) CRS 18-9-204.5, or Improper Care/Treatment (prior history):
  Court costs will be added to all fines

Helpful Tips That May Prevent or Stop a Dog Attack

  • Do not run past a dog: Dogs naturally love to chase and catch things. Do not give them a reason to become excited or aggressive.
  • Never disturb a dog that’s caring for puppies, sleeping, or eating.
  • If a dog approaches to sniff you - stay still.  In most cases, the dog will go away when it determines you are not a threat.
  • If a dog threatens you - remain calm, don’t scream. If you say anything, speak calmly and firmly. Avoid eye contact. Try to stay still until the dog leaves, or back away slowly until the dog is out of sight. Do not turn and run.
  • If you fall or are knocked to the ground, curl into a ball: Place your hands over your head and neck. Protect your face.


Animal Control Fee & Penalty Schedule