Search and Rescue

Delta County Search and Rescue Logo

Delta County Search and Rescue is a non-profit organization made of volunteers utilizing their own equipment. We are an energetic and caring group, dedicated to high standards of excellence and quality! 

If you need the assistance of Delta County Search and Rescue for a lost or overdue individual in Delta County, please call 911 or 970-874-2015 and speak with Delta County Dispatch.

Dispatch will then connect you with a Deputy or Patrol Sergeant to gather information and the Sheriff's Office will call out Search & Rescue once all the pertinent information is gathered. 

 For general information in regards to joining or about Delta County Search and Rescue, please email Commander Randy Toltz

Search and Rescue is a tough and demanding endeavor. We strive to provide a highly trained team to respond to a multitude of deployment situations. Members have a responsibility to provide search and rescue service in a professional and ethical manner. All members have a responsibility to maintain training logs and to train regularly.

When we are requested by the Sheriff to assist in a Search and Rescue mission we are (as required by Colorado law) under the jurisdiction of the Delta County Sheriff's Department. As volunteers on a mission we may be on foot, horseback, in a 4x4 vehicle, on an ATV, boat, or snowmobile. Whatever the conditions, we as members do our best to meet those demands.

There are support positions within our group as well, when we are on a mission (which can resemble a small city)--there is a need for food and beverages to maintain our searchers’ strength and motivation, and as with all things, many forms of documentation to be filled out during a mission.

If you are interested in having a support role at the incident command post, it is always an option and appreciated. So if you are young or gracefully aged, we can use you as a volunteer! We also present the Hug-a-Tree program to the elementary schools within our county and provide a variety of safety information to the public. We as a team try to give back to our community, in appreciation for all of the support we receive.

If you are interested in joining our team, please view the online application or stop by the Delta County Sheriff's Office, 555 Palmer St., Delta, Colorado. Our meetings are held at the Delta County Human Services Building Roubideau Room (follow signs on outside of building to entrance on East side of building by parking lot) at 320 W 5th Street on the second Thursday of each month. The meetings typically run from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm.

Field training exercises are announced the meeting prior to the exercise, or by email. All members are required to complete an application and have a background check completed and approved by the Sheriff prior to acceptance into Search and Rescue.